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Who We Are

My name is Luis Chávez. I am the owner of LuiChavOnline. We sell Safety Technology products, the nation’s largest wholesaler of self-defense items and hidden cameras since 1986.

We offer a variety of items focused on six: important spaces of individual prosperity; security, self-protection, recognition, espionage, well-being, and resistance.
We are confident that your consideration of this: could have a significant effect on you and the safety of your loved ones.

Safety Technology and I believe that everyone has the right to self-defense.

We support this right by providing a comprehensive selection of non-lethal self-defense devices. The best stun guns & mace, stun gun pepper spray, personal alarms, hidden cameras, and knives through our online store.

Please, set aside an effort to peruse our different categories. On the off chance you can’t observe something you are searching for, we will see it for you.

We value our Top Quality Products! Our clients advantage from our low costs for super-premium quality items.

We will likely add extremely high-edge things to your shopping basket without burning through every last dollar and give you a few motivations to pause and shop with us.

We have a paid SSL; the data you share with us is secret.

Guarantee to sell the items at the least expensive costs.

You can peruse our various categories, select your item, and submit a request. You will get the best cost.

We give the quickest shipping in the USA, 100% consumer loyalty.
Our team comprehends your requirements and endeavor to satisfy them. Arrangement of value additionally guaranteed with LuiChavOnline.

LuiChavOnline offers amazing; Customer Support. We love to speak with you and pay attention to your questions via telephone.

You can call us Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CT. Our Number is 1-800-859-5566.
Michael Gravette is the owner of Safety Technology.

Over the next ten years after serving in the military, he did numerous things looking for a decent “vehicle” to advancement. For example, he sold cookware through home displays.

In 1986, he started in the business that I am in today, where he welcomes me to help people in his safety and that of his family.

For quite some time, we have been the largest outsourced distributor of self-care items in the nation, and we currently have many things that you; You can use for your protection.

Glad about that, but even prouder to give so many people the opportunity to get what they need.
We are situated in:

1867 Caravan Trail #105
Jacksonville, FL 32216.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products.